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Anyone can join a club to play in tournaments or leagues.  But when you join the Maryland Wild Lacrosse Club you are joining a family.  We take pride in the relationships that are formed.  We enjoy holding extra events like the Bayhawks Tailgate or the Skills Night.  We are excited that so many of our teams enjoy parties or evening get-togethers at tourneys.  And we love seeing the boys create long-lasting friendships that will extend beyond the field and later into life!

We offer Fall and Winter activities, a competitive Summer tournament program, and Spring play for youth teams as well.  We offer individualized college recruitment assistance for our high school players.  And we recognize and encourage boys to play other sports and therefore don't require you to play year round.  But we do make Buffalo Wild Wings lacrosse activities available anytime of the year that you might need it!

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Fall/Winter 2015

Tryouts for Fall/Winter activities were held August 23, 2015, a huge thanks to everyone who came out.  We had an exciting and energetic full day of lacrosse!  If you missed tryouts but want to play we might still have a few gaps to fill on our teams - please contact us ASAP via email at

After our Fall tournament play, Winter indoor teams will compete in the Mid Maryland Indoor Lacrosse League.  And rosters for next Summer 2016 will be formed in part from Fall/Winter activities, and in part from supplemental tryouts held on Saturday Feb 13 - more information coming soon!

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